#40. DreamGardening

To understand dreams they need to be a little more organized. Here are some basic steps that work for me over the years….
1. Dreamers Guest List. When These people appear in your dream, they mean ONLY and exclusively themselves. Thus They cannot be confused with a part of you that acts like this or has some quality they posses. Put this list in your Dream Journal.
2. Also in your dream journal, a list of Personal Symbols and their personal meaning. For example you will need a
A. Premonition Symbol, for dreams of what may or will come.
B. Ancestor Symbol, for messages from the Family.
C. Earth Symbol, For natural events (Earthquakes, Tsunamis and the like)
D. Book of Your Life Symbol. These fairy tale like dreams offer a chance to agree or disagree to a soul contract coming up in future.
E. Soul Contract re-negotiation Dreams.
3. All these Plus a list of pages and titles of dreams (it is a good idea to date them too). This is so you can see you own evolution to wisdom.
4. A Dream Journal, or Binder. Design it as you like, it is a solid magical tool that is well worth the trouble, look it over at the end of the year and see the transformative flow of energies in your life….A tremendous and helpful guide.
5. Make a note of the shape of the Moon…..what phase it is in. There may emerge patterns that can be harnessed.

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#39. Magical Tools

External (IRL) Magical Tools, like swords, wands, herbs, spaces in general, and ritual, are used to help us focus and manipulate the IN-turn-all subtle energy structures that Can and Do form in out individual human psychic landscape. This landscape, or fractal energy field, has no known boundaries. It stretches back and forwards in time principally, but not exclusively, through the ancestors and descendants. It reaches out to the cosmos, being effected by alignments of planets and stars. Our actual awareness, (that which you are conscious of) is a small craft, on a vast cosmic sea filled with untold treasure, limitless libraries, and soul devouring beings….to be faced and defeated….Each individual, has a unique path of obligation to do as best they can to INTEGRATE that of themselves, which is still unknown.

How is this done?

Acts of creation. Words are”spelled” and organized to make a sentence. Thus writing itself is a magical ritual. It has long been Known, that writing in a journal helps people to process and integrate emotions and is a good mental health practice. Singing is also potent, being itself a controlled scream. Even if you did not write the words, the emotions captured within the words, are integrated a little more with every round…..

The more you create,

The more you integrate.

This is a key power we all have within ourselves, that no one can take really away from us. This too, is the function of dreaming in all life forms. Because life IS change, it requires maintenance and integration on a regular basis or it breaks down. We all have a choice, whether to do this consciously, or unconsciously. Unconsciousness is far more harmful to you and your descendants….and friends.

How far forwards in time do your choices stretch? I cannot know. What i do know, as i have second sight, is, that time does not appear to be linear, nor even completely fixed. It acts as if it is more a spiral, wavelike…..like water. With currents of identity running through it. Each soul has a fixed contract that, in my experience can sometimes be renegotiated. If that individual is fairly conscious and determined. To be conscious, at first you do need help. Examples to follow. Exploring inner space is fruitful and dangerous. Seek a trustworthy guide.
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