#4. Digestion, the bedrock of your life

  1. It is remarkable how little free will we have. The cultural norms we are born into dictate much of our actions, and even our awareness. Yet nature gives us both awareness and free will. It has, for example, been observed and well documented, that wildlife, Gorillas too, eat plants they otherwise SHUN, when ill. Those same plants have been found to have healing properties to that same illness. I myself have seen many a mother Moose bring her baby to eat the moss grown in a sulfur hot spring. Sulfur is the basis of a line of antibiotics.  It is my belief that cultural conditioning can drown out our insight, our connection to body wisdom. There are leagues of billboards telling us” milk, it does a body good.” When in fact for MOST people it has CLEARLY been shown to devastate human health. This is possible because, in part, we have been told uncomfortable digestion is NORMAL. It is not at all. We must, to live WELL, relearn the ancient ways, some of our ancestors observed and honored the body. This wisdom is our birthright. Hippocrates ordered his patients to eat the best diet and suffer no hurt or damage. But what is the best diet for you? There are 2 ancient principles that can guide us.
  2. The first principle is that of Uniqueness. This means that there is NO one size fits all cure. This means that each individual will need to eat differently to maintain health. I recommend keeping a food log, that also tracks bowel movements and nature, sleep, energy levels….. I have one designed for this purpose. If you can write, you can do this and gain insight into your body.
  3. The second principle is that of Step by Step. You got to where you are now via millions of choices that determine the nature of this present moment. That is how you exert your free will, one bite at a time, one breath at a time, one thought at a time. The trick is having an accurate assessment of where you are NOW and a Clear focus for where you WANT to be. After that you need a solid well thought out plan. You can do a lot of this on your own, but trusted advice should be part of that plan. It is up to you what advice to take, as only you suffer or benefit from your actions. Good Luck. ………….Artemis6

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