#6. The First Principle

In healing, health or life, the first principle is most to be honored.                                                                                                                  The Principal of Uniqueness,

Applies to all things.

No two snowflakes, bits of sand or individual persons are the same. Even the same person is different in another time and place. The herb or diet that healed them last year, may no longer be helpful this year. This  is why you MUST have a way to ASK YOUR BODY WHAT IT NEEDS. Even babies have body wisdom. Before learning to speak, it has been shown, they , if given a broad choice of healing foods, will eat just what they need and no more. Differing was of connecting to body wisdom will suit different people. Listening to your body in as many ways as possible is starting point, if this is  alien to you, start with the breath. The senses, and emotions can guide you, keep a journal, to see progress over time.


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