#7. Cold/flu be gone procedure!

  1. To Prep. 2 or 3 sets pajamas socks and warm hat, warming beverage of preference. Anything from tea to hot toddy….. all non dairy, way to moisten air,  (humidifier to damp cheese cloths), time at lease 8 hours, neti pots or tissues.
  2. Rapidly drink comfortably warm beverage (mine is strong ginger tea with a few drops blackseed oil)
  3. Clean out sinuses as well as possible with neti pot or blowing your nose.
  4. Go To BED, with hat and socks and PJs. Stay warm under the covers. Rest.
  5. WAIT, until you break a sweat…..Your pajamas will be wet, face sweaty.
  6. Take a bath. It can be a sponge bath, or a tub bath with 10 eucalyptus essential oil drops in the water. Breathe the warm air and blow your well nose after, if needed.
  7. Put on fresh pajamas, you can eat some hot soup, or more liquid now (you have just lost some electrolytes as well as some unfriendly stuff too) or go back to bed.
  9. You can do it again, if you are well rested. 3 times daily is about the max.
  10. SLEEP.

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