#8. Colon massage for sluggish digestion

  1. Adults only! You will need, hot running water, 20 to 30 minuets, a bathtub, and bath pillows are useful.
  2. Draw as warm a bath as you can stand, no more than half full.
  3. You can use your arms, but many people like to use a bath pillow or two to keep their head above water comfortably. Lay in the water TUMMY DOWN. Knees bent, feet In the air.
  4. Stay in this position, relaxing for at least 15 minutes. Feel gravity and water buoy shift and release gas in your body. IF YOU ARE IN PAIN OR DISTRESS AT ANY TIME ___STOP! Contact your health support person for re-assessment.
  5. In this position, To massage the colon , START by reaching under your tummy with your Left hand. Begin at the top of the left side , just under the ribs.  with the fingertips make small circles, no more than 8 in one place, then move an inch towards the left hip, in a straight line all the way down to the hip.
  6. Next, Using either hand, massage from your right to your left, in a line going across just under the rib cage.
  7. With you right hand, Starting just under the rib cage, likewise massage towards the right hip.
  8. From this point work towards the middle, anywhere that feels still tense…..
  9. Rest more, or get out as you like, this can be done daily once at the most.

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