Gut health is the foundation of all health……so, if you want top notch mental function, starting there is a must. Detoxing (heavy metals, molds, emfs) is a big part of this, balancing unfriendlies as well. Beyond this there are a lot of things you CAN do, on a symptom by symptom basis. Health basics, such as sleep, exercise, stimulation, stress management, nutrient dense nourishment, system balance (hormones, insulin, ect…)all have effect. Needs of the body and spirit must be met and honored in a regular way. Supplements to consider  are The Bs. Herbs such as Rhodiola,  ashwaganda, curcumin, blackseed oil , MTC oil, Melatonin (for sleep), D3 w/ K2, Citicholine, (structural components), CoQ10 or Ubiquinol, Dark bioflaviniods, and other anti oxidants. Biosil for pulling out trivalient metals like mercury and lead AND give you scillica for strong hair and healthy skin. Garlic for general system support……


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