The horrible truth about hydrogenated oil

Vickie Barker says : It really is worse than that Jon. My sister who used to work for a vet said that when a pet passes or is put down the owners are now asked if they want to bury, cremate or render. That led me on a path to find out about “render”. Found there were 2 places at the time in Calif. that were taking the dead animals(and road kill) tossing them into a vat to render the fat. They called it hydrogenated oil. Now if that isn’t sickening in itself, I did further to find out how hydrogenated oil is marketed. The number one on the list said “human consumption”. Now makes me wonder where indeed the “hydrogenated oil” on the labels of our food really comes from. To make this even worse, the first research on the vats used the person said that some filters would also be taking out the pet collars and tags that sometimes were left on the animals. Now people wonder why I am such a “fanatic” when it comes to my food supply. Well, there you have it!


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