#15. Nutrition makes a huge difference in violence

“Fifteen years ago, the BBC reported that a double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that adding vitamins [and essential fatty acids] to the diets of inmates at a maximum-security institution cut offenses by 25 percent. The greatest reduction was for serious offenses, including violence, which fell by 40 percent. There was no such reduction for those on placebos. The study’s researchers claim that improving diets could be a cost-effective way of reducing crime in communities and also reducing the prison population. To quote lead study author Bernard Gesch, ‘The improvement was huge’.” [See (2002) British Journal of Psychiatry 181 22-8. The study reports a 35.1 percent “reduction of offences,” compared with baseline numbers, after prisoners took supplements for just two weeks.] (this expert from Jon Rappoport’s article) I myself wonder, if the rest of the prisoners Leaky gut were healed, and it is a certainty they did have it, considering prison food alone, and how they got there (stress can cause leaky guy as well as glyphosate!), if their guts were healed, how much violence would have dropped! REAL psychopaths are only 1 to 4 % of the population….so the rest of them are traumatized in some way, and likely could be healed.


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