#16. Enema’s Enemies

Back in the 1980’s was when i first heard about coffee enemas. I was totally grossed out, and thought i would NEVER do that – it just was Not for me. Like most people raised in this culture, we have a pretty strong aversion to the “unclean”. We neither study, nor touch, nor even think about… our own excrement, if it can at all be avoided. As if purity could be found through denial. Astonishingly, it has only been this way since the 1970’s. Before THAT nearly every household had an enema kit. It was as basic as bandages or calamine lotion. Old country doctors like Bernard Jensen, and John Christopher put them to very good use. In WW1 coffee enemas were heroically used for post operative pain…..which is screaming in agony level pain. And enemas were still in the Merck Manual in 1972, as a Primary constipation remedy, among the other uses…., but NOW Mayo clinic and Web MD mention laxatives and fiber….but not enemas…? Why? People were NOT injured by them, and they were effective, so why did the humble enema fall out of favor? Is there something here you should know?


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