#38. The Old is New Again.

woman holding vase
Photo by Cxpturing Souls on Pexels.com

What is a metaconcert?

A metaconcert refers to a group (collective) that links together to do a task, create something, or process information. They focus their intention and energies toward a common goal. In this way, they create a group synergetic effect that is much greater than the sum of the individuals.

  • For example, if 9 people are linked together (with one person in the center or hub) in a metaconcert (e.g. meditation), the power of the group of 9 is amplified to 9 squared = 9 x 9 = 81 people. It’s as if 81 people (not just 9 people) were joining forces to effect change.


  • Some people also use tone and sound (e.g. human voice, mantra, song). That sound resonates within their bodies to amplify the signal in addition to their clear, strong intention.

By the Law of Entrainment, all frequencies tend to synchronize. That means a weak lower frequency naturally increases to match a stronger higher frequency. Similarly, the least experienced person in the group can do what the most experienced person does in a metaconcert.

This is an excerpt from an article by Ullar Sermiento, called “How does triangulation help our evolution?” April 16 2014. (bigpicturequestions.com)

While i do not Know where this person got her information……the similarity of the method described to the ancient Norse Volva, practitioner of Seidr, (from Seidhr, to speak, to sing, also to soothe, related to seance, to commune with the spirits) is striking…..and in my experience, possibly very effective…..If i can find 8 others to try it I will……I will need 8 Other females capable of drumming /singing /trance work. Crones, maybe a few young ones…..

Long ago,  Volva were Highborn (educated) women followers of Freya. Since there was no vow of chastity, these women were free to choose options. These Seidkona would sometimes marry to a tribe leader or ‘Odin’ figure. They were thought to stay home during times of war and work and spin magick in favor of their chieftain and its people. Of course all women do this who send offspring and mate towards danger. Rumor is, The Volva got very good at it. An other documented choice was to travel is a troupe of 9, as i understand in presently. Performing rituals in the above formation.

Overall Volva were credited for seeing futures and BENDING REALITY. Many accounts, such as Eric the Red’s tale speak of a Volva saving entire tribes from famine and starvation. This is where knowing herbs and fungus and the like comes in. This is also the place for Earth and water magic…….air magic to call rain. Knowing fire magic goes a long way to Preventing fires as well…..If done is such a ritual group, could be very powerful. Fractally dynamic in a charge field. Around 40 burial sites have been found of possible Volva, but hundreds have been found with magick images of Seidr.

In the Seidr path. There are two recorded levels of Volva. The more traditional and widely accepted is a Crone figure who strikes out on her own in order to travel from town to town to provide her services to others. She was accompanied by Seidkona handmaidens. Crones have a lot of wisdom, but The Volva, can speak to the ancestors, and she will be answered. She can influence reality, somewhat. Some things cannot be changed, many can. This view of Volva is both highly regarded and highly feared. If a Volva showed up at your door asking for refuge, you would be foolish not to treat her with up most respect. She was often given the Kings seat for her own while visiting…..

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