# 47. Loki and Honesty

loki is change, and if you think ahead, change can be very beneficial…..It is all too easy to think in polarities as we have been taught in THIS current culture. good vs evil. Life is not nearly so simple. there is the transition space, a third place, that is where the magic live. The book Niel Gaiman wrote on Norse mythology, for example, is ok, but, so much lore is missing, is denied us. sometimes luck, or change or loki works in our favor, but it cannot all the time, and in no way did loki ever lie….so the key, i think is to always be honest within. When we are honest about our shadow selves, it does us and everyone we love a lot less harm…..

shallow focus photography of silver skeleton statue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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