#57 Guest Poet.

Author Maria Kvilhaug

AttSpeugSousncttso 3not,o 2rflt0o2e0nud  ·

Your souls are many As are your demons

Waves and rivers, running through

They run through everything

They run through everyone

How they run through you is what makes you You

Some strong inside you Some sleeping streams

Some weak currents Universal and personal

They are all there, inside you and in all that live

You can choose to remember them

Choose to forget them Choose to reject them

You can choose to embody them

Choose to incite them Choose to open up the path of their flow

The wounded animal in your being is festering rivers of the demons of trauma

The lessons that fade and blur beneath the burdens,

beneath the pain, beneath the need to survive

It needs to remember

You need to remember: *Remember the soft,the innocent soul:

Trusting, childlike sweet and wondering, playful, brave, creative seeking and learning and affectionate

It will light up the joyful sparks, the path of learning and the bliss of true love

*Remember the warm, the compassionate soul: Caring, motherly

Attentive and listening Sensitive, loving Comforting and all-encompassing and limitless

It will heal the wounds of rejection

the path of growth and the gate to deep connections

*Remember the blissful, the forgiving soul:The releaser of burdens

The liberating one The rejuvenating one The transforming one It will take you to the core of the path to enlightenment

*Remember the strong,the warrior soul:Protector of your dignity,

your boundaries, your courage, your integrity,your solidarity

The self-respecting one, who dares to stand alone The respectful one, who dares to stand together

The fatherly one The brotherly one, The sisterly one who dares to stand up for each other

The fighter in you, who keeps you going

The sharp one who learns lessons from pain

The wise one who acts with discernment –

Protector of the soft and the innocent soul- Match to the warm and compassionate heart –

Gatekeeper for the blissful, the forgiving path

The shield of your vulnerability The armor of your deepest love

The sword of your path towards liberation


“Insights while on a mushroom walk” By yours truly

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